Symptoms Sorted This Winter

Winter can be wonderful time of year with its cold weather, winter woollies, hearty foods and warming soups. Unfortunately, it is also known for its cold and flu season. If despite your best efforts to keep well this winter, you find yourself with a dreaded cold - then don't despair. If you're sniffling and sneezing and your bin is overflowing with tissues, natural medicines can come to the rescue to help you make it through the day to help relieve the impact from the nasty, yet common symptoms of cold and flu.

Mother Nature Does It Again
Ethical Nutrients Cold & Flu Relief

Mother Nature supplies us with some fantastic remedies to help speed the recovery from a cold or virus and reduce the troublesome symptoms that make you feel miserable. Ethical Nutrients Cold & Flu Relief has an array of herbs; horseradish, elderflower and white willow to help relieve the severity and symptoms of colds and flus. Ethical Nutrients Cold & Flu Relief may relieve a runny nose and reduce excess mucous and nasal congestion, whilst tackling any fever and headaches that weigh you down. Have a break from constantly blowing your nose before it turns bright red. Ethical Nutrients Cold & Flu Relief may help you to get back up and running.

Fire Breather

A sore throat is another common symptom that signals you might be coming down with a cold or flu. Do you feel like your throat is on fire and you need some relief? Ethical Nutrients Sore Throat Relief soothes the symptoms and irritations of a sore throat. Ethical Nutrients Sore Throat Relief provides natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal support, and can be sprayed directly onto the throat at the site of pain. This formulation contains essential oils and herbs that can help soothe a sore throat and provide symptom relief.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Have you woken up with a barking cough that is driving you and your household mad? A nasty cough can linger for a long time. Ethical Nutrients Chesty Cough Relief may help relieve and soothe that persistent chesty cough and expel any sticky, chesty mucous. With the combination of traditional western herbs including marshmallow, ivy and thyme, this formulation may help provide you with peace from that notorious winter cough. With specific age-related dosing, Ethical Nutrients Chesty Cough Relief can be used from 2 years. We know that families love to share - and very happily share their germs around too!

Cheat Those Winter Woes

Natural supplements can prepare the body for winter by supporting your immune system to alleviate unpleasant symptoms of colds and flus. There are also some simple dietary and lifestyle measures that can help keep you well this winter:

  • Get moving - no excuses! Remember that regular moderate exercise releases endorphins and helps to improve mood. Exercise stimulates the immune system, increases circulation to battle cold hands and feet and also keeps your heart healthy.
  • Enjoy the outdoors: Catch as much sun and vitamin D as possible during winter. Vitamin D is vital for your immune system, and studies have shown that individuals with low vitamin D levels are more likely to catch colds and flus.
  • Eat a rainbow a day: Eating a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables of different colours, as well as lean protein can help keep you healthy through the winter months.
  • Keep warm: Snuggle up in winter woolies to avoid cold drafts and keep your hands and feet warm; avoid extreme temperature fluctuations where possible.
  • Rest is best: If you feel like a cold is coming on, let your body rest and get a good night's sleep.
Beat Those Colds and Flus

Don't let a cold or flu ruin your day. There is nothing worse than waking up with a stuffy head when you have an important meeting to attend, a deadline to meet, or a household of kids that need taking care of. Whilst many of us have to soldier on despite being sick, natural medicines may provide symptomatic relief to get you back on your feet. Help soothe that sore throat, stop the runny nose, calm the barking cough - support your immune system the natural way and feel better sooner. For ongoing support for your immune system this winter, take Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence. Immune Defence contains an exclusive combination of herbs and vitamins to help support healthy immune function.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.