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It's time to talk about menopause and perimenopause.

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Relief from 8 common menopause symptoms

Hot flushes, irritability, fatigue, low libido, muscle aches, mild joint pain, vaginal dryness & sleeplessness

Support for perimenopausal women

Soothe nerves, support emotional wellbeing, maintain healthy libido & support sexual function

Plant-derived relief in 1 mini tablet per day

Revolutionary ingredient, ERr 731™ (a.k.a Siberian rhubarb), has well-researched menopause benefits

The Menopause Journey

Menopause spans an 8-10-year period, and the typical age varies depending on genetic, lifestyle & external factors such as surgical intervention (hysterectomy)

45-50 Years
55-60 Years


  • Body starts transition to menopause & onset of symptoms occurs
  • Hormone levels gradually start to decline
  • Menstrual periods become irregular


  • Body is officially in menopause without a menstrual period for 12 months
  • Hormone levels decline rapidly
  • Ovulation ceases
  • Symptoms continue and/or fluctuate


  • Body is transitioning out of menopause & symptoms begin to subside
  • Hormone levels start to stabilise
  • No menstrual period for more than 12 months

common Menopause symptoms

Hot flushes & night sweats
Sleep disturbances & insomnia
Irritability & mood swings
Muscle tension & joint pain
Low libido & sexual dysfunction
Vaginal dryness & urinary changes
Fatigue & brain fog
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The Estrovera Edge

Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera gives women the confidence to embrace menopause. Relieving a wide range of common menopause symptoms, Estrovera also provides support to women during peri-menopause.

Formulated with an evidence-based, plant-derived ingredient (ERr 731™), Estrovera reduces hot flushes, relieves vaginal dryness, supports sexual function (healthy libido), decreases irritability and restless sleep, relieves muscle aches and mild joint pain and reduces fatigue associated with menopause.

Estrovera is a revolutionary option for women wanting to combat the challenges of menopause with a plant-based alternative. Just one mini tablet per day provides support through all stages of menopause, so you can feel like yourself again.

Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera

Estrovera provides perimenopausal support & relieves a range of common menopause symptoms. Formulated with a plant-derived ingredient, Estrovera offers an evidence-based alternative for managing menopause. Bonus – each bottle is two months supply. See full details

  • Relieve hot flushes & irritability
  • Reduce restless sleep & fatigue
  • Support healthy libido
  • Decrease vaginal dryness
  • Reduce muscle aches & mild joint pain

This is a practitioner only medicine. Please consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it is right for you. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your pharmacist or healthcare professional.

I’ve taken Estrovera for several years and it works great for hot flushes associated with menopause. Highly recommend! Lisa This review is from a verified user of Metagenics Estrovera (US). Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera (AUS) is the same formula.
After using this for one month I feel myself again and hot flushes have subsided significantly! Will not be without this product while going through this life shift. Steph This review is from a verified user of Metagenics Estrovera (US). Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera (AUS) is the same formula.
I was having difficulty sleeping and having hot flushes especially at night. Since taking Estrovera my sleeping pattern has improved and it has helped relieve the hot flushes. Tina This review is from a verified user of Metagenics Estrovera (US). Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera (AUS) is the same formula.
I’ve been taking Estrovera for about 3 months. I used to carry a fan with me everywhere. I suffered from dryness during intimate encounters and my libido was almost gone. My libido is back. Thank you! Marie This review is from a verified user of Metagenics Estrovera (US). Ethical Nutrients Clinical Estrovera (AUS) is the same formula.

Menopause Materials

Menopause Diary

Track your menopause symptoms, monitor progress & identify trends. Share your Menopause Diary with a trusted healthcare practitioner to help them better understand your journey.

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Own Your Conversation Guide

Anxious about discussing menopause? This guide will help you manage a menopause conversation with your healthcare provider, demystify the process & provide tips for the conversation.

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The Stages of Menopause – What to Expect

Menopause can be broken down into three stages – perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause. This article deep dives into each stage so you know what to expect.

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Menopause Mythbusters

MYTH #1: There's nothing I can do for my menopause symptoms; I just have to tough it out

TRUTH: There are lots of options to help you cope physically, emotionally & mentally. You can engage in self-education, practice mind-body techniques, make healthy lifestyle choices, seeking support from friends & speak with medical professionals who may recommend medications & supplements.

MYTH #2: I will experience menopause the way my mum and other women in my family have

TRUTH: Every woman's journey through menopause is different. While we often anecdotally hear that women go through "the change" at a similar age to that of their mother or experience similar symptoms, the research shows vast differences in how each women experiences menopause.

MYTH #3: Menopause is for "old ladies". I don't need to worry about it until I'm older

TRUTH: Perimenopause is the first stage of menopause, where your body starts to transition, and typically starts between 45 & 50 years old. Early onset menopause can occur for many reasons including surgical intervention (hysterectomy or oophorectomy) or when undergoing health treatments (such as chemotherapy).

MYTH #4: I know menopause – it's hot flushes & women becoming cranky & emotional

TRUTH: Menopause is complex and can manifest in a unique way for each woman. There are a range of other symptoms commonly experienced that include sleep issues, low libido, muscle aches & pains, fatigue, vaginal dryness and night sweats, along with other symptoms that are less common.