Transparency you can Trust

Our Research & Development, Quality & Regulatory teams are based on-site in our production facility, ensuring our products are formulated, developed & tested with the full production process in mind (from ideation to finished goods being shipped). Most of our products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art Brisbane facility, and where capacity or equipment doesn’t allow, they are manufactured in TGA-approved co-manufacturing facilities. Despite rigorous testing at these facilities, we still ship these co-manufactured products back to our facility to ensure final product testing & release is done from our backyard. This ensures we have control over the selection of our raw materials, the processes by which our products are formulated & produced, and all associated testing parameters.

How Ethical Nutrients Products are Created

All Ethical Nutrients products are meticulously crafted from an idea in our heads to a bottle in your hands.

Scientist looking into machine

Product Idea

Our Product Innovation team look both locally and globally to bring the latest science, well-researched ingredients and premium formulations to the Ethical Nutrients range.

Scientists developing products

Product Development

We have a team of nearly 20 staff (including chemists) in our laboratory, which is attached to our manufacturing facility.

Metagenics ANZ building

Product Manufacture

Our products are made in our Brisbane-based manufacturing facility, wherever possible.

Woman chemist doing tests

Quality Testing

For simplicity, we have depicted the finished goods quality testing in the diagram. In actual fact, we complete on average 8 quality tests on every single Ethical Nutrients product throughout the development process.

Team working on packing line

Shipment to Pharmacy

Our state-of-the-art warehouse is located a mere kilometre from our Brisbane-based Head Office and we ship overnight to Pharmacies. This means less time in storage & transit, giving you more time before product expiration.

Pharmacist showing a customer ethical nutrients mega magnesium

Available on Shelf

We are ranged exclusively in Pharmacies & selected Health Food Stores so you can rest assured that you will be given the best health advice when shopping for supplements.

TruQuality Testing

As an advocate for high quality standards, we conduct a variety of quality tests. We test the potency of active ingredients throughout the shelf life of our products, ensuring you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t. We also conduct heavy metals testing on each and every product, and for transparency you can trust, we provide visibility to this testing information as outlined below. We adhere to the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s strict quality testing parameters, and our products are made to Good Manufacturing Practice standard. Every formula in the range is subjected to rigorous quality testing, with more than 64,000 quality tests annually throughout the production process (from raw materials through to final product) at our Brisbane manufacturing facility.

We’re uncompromising in quality, so you can be uncompromising in your health.

All Ethical Nutrients products undergo heavy metals testing (arsenic, cadmium, lead & mercury), and we test to ensure the levels are well within recognised safety limits, compliant to TGA Therapeutic Good Order (TGO 101).

Ethical Nutrients

Transparency you can trust.

We stand behind our promise that Ethical Nutrients products are evidence-based and meticulously crafted using stringently-sourced, premium ingredients to provide real results.


Meticulously Crafted

Real Results


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