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Immune Support for The Common Cold

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How Can I Keep Well This Cough and Cold Season?

Are you too busy to get sick this winter? If you find yourself squeezing every last minute out of the day, there are lots of little steps you can take to keep yourself healthy and well throughout the cooler months. Herbal remedies can provide support to help your immune system function at its best. With a strong and healthy immune system, you are less likely to succumb to colds. Many ancient cultures have recognised the medicinal properties of herbal ingredients. For example, Andrographis, echinacea and Siberian ginseng have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, to keep the immune system healthy throughout winter.

Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence combines these ingredients with more well-known ingredients such as zinc & vitamin D, to strengthen your immune defences. With just 1 capsule daily, you can support a healthy immune system and help your body brace for Winter.


I Have a Cold and Want to Know How to Get Better Faster

When your nose is running, your head hurts and you are coughing and spluttering, you can feel as if you are missing out on life. You cannot enjoy the smells and tastes of delicious, hearty wintery meals, and it is harder to enjoy the clear blue-sky days and crisp mornings that winter brings. To reduce the time you are sick and how badly you suffer from symptoms, look no further than Andrographis and echinacea.

Andrographis has been shown to ease cold symptoms, such as coughing, fever, phlegm and sore throat, whilst Siberian ginseng has been shown to reduce fatigue. Zinc is another essential nutrient to encourage healthy immune system function, along with vitamin D. These are all found in Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence! Taking 2 capsules per day will help defend against the 5 common cold symptoms including coughs, sore throat, phlegm, fever & fatigue, as used in traditional Chinese medicine. 


Immune Defending Soup Recipe

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Chicken soup has benefits far greater than mere comfort for your soul, though this is another good reason to cook up a batch. For centuries, the traditional home remedy for feeling ‘under the weather’ or struck down with a cold was a bowl of chicken soup. Research has found merit in this traditional medicine, showing that chicken soup can increase the activity of your white blood cells, which act to defend you from foreign invaders that can cause infections. If you find yourself getting sick, you may like to try this Chicken Soup recipe to help keep your immune system strong this winter.


Immune-Influencing Tea Recipe

If you’re not quite up to stomaching a bowl of soup, you may find a cup of tea more palatable. Not only is a delicious tea physically warming during the cooler months, but it can also include all sorts of helpful herbs and nutrients such as ginger, lemon, honey and vitamin C. There are lots of recipes available online, but we like this Immune Tea recipe from Well Nourished. It includes options to supercharge with root vegetables and variations for those who follow a vegan-friendly diet.

Still looking for more immune support? Explore the Ethical Nutrients Immune Health range and discover the right product for you.

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