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SPMs – The NEW Power Ingredient for Pain & Inflammation

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If you are the one in three living with an inflammatory condition and pain1, you would be all too familiar with the enormous impact it can have on your daily activities, sleep, social life, work and subsequently your emotions. Dealing with fluctuating symptoms, good days and bad, and perhaps a lack of empathy and understanding because you don’t necessarily look “sick”, can all take its toll.
1 in 3 Ausralians live with an inflammatory condition

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is an essential process for healing and tissue repair. It is a necessary signal that your body sends to alert you of a sensitive area, so you can take it easy. Unfortunately, injury or disease may cause inflammation to switch on for prolonged periods. With prolonged inflammation, the body is always on high alert. It continuously pumps out immune chemical messengers to assist, which further prolong the inflammatory process as your body effectively thinks it’s under attack.

To promote healing and break the inflammatory cycle, there needs to be a transition from onset of inflammation to resolution thereof. Ordinarily, your body steps in, naturally producing Specialised Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs) to kickstart this transition (see below graph). In some people, however, their natural SPMs don’t release and hence the transition doesn’t occur. This leads to a sustained inflammatory response which causes further pain and discomfort.



What is an SPM and how can they help relieve inflammation?

SPMs are a class of recently identified molecules that your body naturally produces to activate the inflammation resolution process. They bring a new approach to managing pain & inflammation, with a high concentration, meaning you can consume less to realise the natural anti-inflammatory benefits. Unfortunately, production of SPMs can be impaired in people suffering from particular conditions or using certain medications. To kickstart your body’s natural resolution process, SPM supplementation may be beneficial. If this applies to you, it’s important to look for concentrated SPMs, from purified and concentrated bioactive metabolites. These will help support your body’s natural capacity to resolve inflammation.

How can SPMs relieve inflammation

SPMs are naturally vegetarian friendly, and do not contain wheat, nuts, yeast, dairy or eggs. They do however contain fish, so are not suitable for those with seafood allergies.

Speak with your local Pharmacist for more information about this game-changing ingredient, or explore the NEW Ethical Nutrients Clinical range for a different approach to pain management.



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