Milk Thistle


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Ethical Nutrients Liver Detox & Support 30 Tablets #size_30 tabletsEthical Nutrients Liver Detox & Support 30 Tablets #size_30 tablets
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Milk Thistle (also commonly known as St. Mary’s Thistle or Holy Thistle) is a potent antioxidant herb that is often used in digestive health. It’s main benefits are to;

  • promote healthy liver function
  • provide support for detoxification as a result of a healthy liver
  • alleviate inflammation of the liver
  • support the repair of cells after minor liver damage occurs

Milk Thistle cannot be obtained through dietary sources, so a dietary supplement is recommended for the above benefits to be recognised.

Milk Thistle can be used during a detox or in times when overindulgence (in food &/or alcohol) is apparent. In today’s climate, where environmental toxins are ever-present, the detoxification of our organs is hugely important. Milk Thistle is a great natural way to detoxify the liver.